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Unplugging for the Winter

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

This post was first published Winter 2021. We're back at it again for another winter, UNplugging for another winter by limiting devices, eliminating programming (TV, radio, advertising).

We invite YOU to join us with the Hashtag #TribeUNplugged to share in this moment.


"My tummy is not grumbly" she said, as I asked her whether or not she wanted to eat. I thought to myself it's funny how kids attach mainstream catchphrases to their bodily functions. Then I began wondering what other food associations from Youtube and TV were programmed in her mind. As the first teachers we hold the honorable position of being bringers of good news and barriers to the "bad". So i thought and took up a challenge that I knew would strengthen us all and decided that 'No more toys for the rest of this winter.'

We are aware of the stillness we need but it's time to take it up a notch.

How deep can you get in your stillness? Time to remove the toys. If your daughter is anything like mine she, being the first grandchild, would have a plethora of toys collected from so many family members, from so many holidays. Many of them are disorganized and temporarily lost. Long gone are the days where kids play, because we are giving them too many things to fill up the mind. The mind doesn't have to stretch; it is given entertainment freely, no labor necessary. So while we are focusing on restoring our temples and spirits this winter lets really get grounded. Back to the fundamentals is the theme of this Home Economics curriculum. While we are preparing for our new year we need to learn how to prepare our homes as we would our bodies. Remove distractions and get in-tune, children too. Store toys for another season. Put away phones. Unplug the TV. Get grounded in this work. For the next 8 weeks the Herring household will be UNplugged. (Partially, for me because I have to keep ya'll updated, but that'll be severely limited to uploading and taking care of personal business). Join us, Use the hashtag #TribeUNplugged with your documented experiences and revelations.

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