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Learning in the Field!

Museums are all the rage here in Chicago...well for most Tourists that is. Many of us residents have visited during our time as children with our school. So it's seems traditional in a since to take the children to our most favorite Chicago Museums.

This past season with the partnership with The (Re)Birth Society, the children have been able to apply some of their at home lessons in Geography, Gardening, History, and Habitat to real world experience.

Our first visit was at the Bronzeville Children's Museum located on the Southside of Chicago. This is the first and only African American Children's museum in the Country! With a focus on African American inventor's we were in for a treat this past February.

This museum is not like many other children museums. It is a guided tour with 3 different exhibits from African American Inventors, Bronzeville Landmarks, and S.T.E.M. there was enough hands on learning for all of the children.

In the month of March we visited the Museum of Science and Industry. We explored the Science of Cloning (*insert side eye here*), S.T.E.M and water works and Chicago Architecture.

April we visited the Field Museum of Natural History where we explored what it would be like to be the size of an Ant! The underground exploration was so cool to see Fungi, Bacteria and other organisms and how they all work in sync for good soil health. Right on time for Gardening season.

Next we explored animal bones, skeletons and habitats and compared the differences. From modern day beavers, to ancient dinosaurs, it was a lot to see!

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