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The Other side of Postpartum

Some of us Tribe mamas were talking about our babies teething journeys.

And a journey they were! I used nursing as a means to an end. Every time she was fussy, here comes the boob. It was the ultimate teether! It just eliminated my free time.

Mama Nika said that she didn’t give her children anything. She wanted them to recognize discomfort, work through it and learn that there’s an other side to it. Comfort.

Those words rang true today. While my son is going through his rights of passage of teething, my nerves are shot.

I’d forgot these moments. But my body remembered.

Lower back tenses

Sleep deprived


Stomach cramping

I’d start going back into my codependency.

Let me take the weight off of you son. I’ll hold your stress. What ya want? Boob? Pain relief? Oh and you got a slight fever? All the signs that you’re teething.

I don’t want you to experience pain yet.

That little whisper of wisdom said,

Naw. Ask questions. What is a fever?

An alarm system right? Now does it cause inflammation or does it report inflammation?

Either way its just a symptom of something else going on.

And i took a deep breath and listened to the wisdom telling me

It’ll be ok.

I felt it my spirit that this was not anything above the typical teething fever.

And that it was just my defenses working overtime to prepare for the stress of caring for an infant who’s uncomfortable.

No need to panic or allow my body to stress.

Relax. You’ve always known what to do. You’ve done this so many times as a doula with other babies. Today you just found yourself on the other side of postpartum.

I got up out the bed with my hysterical baby. Walked into a cooler area in the house and begin bouncing. Just quick and shallow hip gyrations.

Five minutes later, he was asleep.

Thank God i allowed myself to trust. I followed my intuition and it worked out for us both.

I wasn’t stressed and he wasn’t robbed of his experience.


Do we trust ourselves to make the best decisions when the time arises?

Do we trust that we know what to do?

Do we trust that our children will find out what to do?

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