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Meet the Tribe: Mama Zahra Aton El

The newest tribe member bringing us health and wellness in delicious flavors.

"I know I am going to be a billionaire so in all my financial endeavors I am preparing for that blessing."

This is Mama Aton El as she explains the motivation behind her hobbies of language expansion and financial literacy.

As one of our newest families, Mama Aton El and her two year old daughter Kamilah have been a refreshing addition to our Tribe.

Her offerings of healthy and fresh lunches to The Tribe during homeschool meetups has helped us develop healthier food associations.

She is the CEO of Hoodmommy a local Chicago Juicery and Catering company.

Inspired by her father, who was a vegan chef in South Central LA and a pioneer of the raw vegan lifestyle, Zahra Aton El expands the legacy by healing and nurturing through nourishment, right in her 'hood.


Before I started Hoodmommy I was heavily involved in social justice especially regarding the restaurant industry. I had experienced so much discrimination and sexual harassment there that my only option was to stand up for myself and hold these employees accountable for their unlawful actions.

I was very vocal and after suing and winning every lawsuit I quickly learned that the answer was to become the type of employer that I never experienced. I vowed that I would have a holistic approach and build my business off ethical practices and genuine respect for my employees and costumers.


Hoodmommy was inspired by the circle of friends that I had in 2016 most of them were musicians, models, stylist, artists producers and engineers who would come to me for health advice and remedies.

I began to nurture my small group of friends and sort of mother them back to health, that is where I came up with the name of my business.

It genuinely makes me sad when I drive thru the hood and don’t see grocery stores or any where to get nutritious food and have to buy food from people that hate you and fear for their life every time they see you.


Hoodmommy offers a blend of juices for different needs and palates. On par with Hoodmommy's vision, the use of colloquial names will keep your favorite juice in the forefront of your mind.

From "Tittymilk" to describe the coconut infused juice to the ginger flavored juice dubbed, "Gingeraaayyyyeeee", there is something for everyone. Hoodmommy is caring for the hood like a mommy cares for her children.

You can now find fresh juice at Stylez Caribbean Snackshop located at 330 E. 75th st. in Chicago, IL.

Follow her business on instagram @hoodmommy and @thetribelearningcoop

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