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Mama Kaiya's Family

Peace Im mama Kaiya. Born and raised on the west side of Chicago. Im currently transplanting my roots with my husband and daughter Indigo Reign (3.5) in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood. As women are the Earth, I take pride in building well nourished soil for my seeds to grow. My philosophy is simple, self sufficiency: Grow your own food, Birth your own babies and Educate your own family. As an avid gardener turned urban farmer and birth worker, my passion is feeding my tribe from seed to table, Im The Farm Doula. 


My journey to homeschooling started in the conception phase of my seed, like 5 years prior to her birth. I knew the first 5 years of a child’s life were the most important and I didn’t want to miss implanting the love, morals and code into her by working so much. As the true fire sign that I am, I sparked that Idea until I manifested Indigo and the tribe that supports us during that a treacherous time most of us know well, postpartum. 


I truly believed in all things crunchy: homeschooling, attachment parenting, breastfeeding, cloth diapering etc. and I wanted to find other women who wanted that same lifestyle. From meeting Tayo to Megan to Shanika to Jessica, it was like 6 degrees of separation where we all had some point of connection that made our relationship symbiotic. I always say that we met in “a moment of desperation.” At the time I had just landed a new job and I was contemplating going back to work which would mean placing Indigo in full time day care. After one meeting with the tribe I literally called and turned the job down and took a leap of faith. Til this day Im still reaping the benefits of making the right decision. 


We mix free schooling with classical learning by combining everyday life experiences with books and intentional guidance. I like to teach in time blocks, giving a window of time to focus on a particular subject or activity provides enough structure for focus but enough freedom for exploration. If you’re a mama who is fresh to this homeschooling life, connect with me. 

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