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Mama Jessica's Family

Jessica Mitchell also known as Mama Jessica and one out of the 5 founders of The Tribe Learning Coop. As a mother of three under 5yrs of age homeschooling was not only ideal, but it has been beneficial to my growth and my family in many ways. Healing childhood wounds of neglect and abandonment, consistent mirroring for self reflection and growth, and creating strong bonds with my children are three most inspiring reasons why I continue to do this work.


My homeschooling style is a blend of freeschooler and worldschooler. As a mother of color there are many generational and systematic curses I have to process and work through when it comes to being a stay at home mother. Some of these curses consist of the cultural idea of being an “independent strong woman”, another idea is that your children will not be educated or lack social skills, and the training of separation that begins very early on with the idea of holding and responding to your child’s cries equates to you are spoiling the child.


Becoming a mother I had to process these ideas and unlearn then relearn practices that feel most organic to me. This is why I connect with freeschooler, this style allows you to learn from your child as much as they learn from you. When we give birth we are reborn and it takes time to get to know who you are and this new little human. I gracefully give myself and my children that time to grow, bond, and just feel. What attracts me to being a worldschooler is my love to travel. I have found in my own life exploring other cultures, traditions, and practices allows me to be universal. Bringing my family along to create memories, travel minimal, build and appreciate relationships has been my experience with homeschooling on the go as some may call it. The Tribe Learning Coop has been rewarding on every level, as a wombman it has provided a solid sisterhood, as a wife it has provided prospective, and as a mother it has provided a village.

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