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Turning Self Isolation into Self Improvement

Many things have changed since being home 100% of the time, from more self care to less waste.

Please Recycle

How we celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, the one day of the year where we intentionally honor our terrestrial mother for providing us with everything we need. Usually this day is a community clean up day. Our mayor, aldermen and neighbors pitch in with rakes, brooms, bags and clean up as one large family.

I remember being a little girl and my Auntie Joyce would organize our block club to get outside of homes and sweep the curbs, pick up trash, cut our grass, re-mulch the local children's park, de-weed and plant flowers. It was an annual event. All of the children would come outside and grab bags and gloves and race to pick up old chip bags, bottles and debris to see who could fill their bag the fastest. Afterwards we'd eat popsicles, chips and drink juice as a treat. This was one of the first (and most impressionable) moments of sustainability and community care that I remember.

Today, although we are in the home, that isn't stopping us from honoring Earth Day. On our daily walk today, Indigo and I picked up the trash we found lying around our path. We talked about our duty to keep our home clean, both our inside home and earth home.

We also took the time to plant our new seeds for our garden in honor of the new moon which is today. Indigo loves the dirt and it's a great sensory experience and a good opportunity to draw connection from our seeds to our food.


I've always known about recycling. The ads, the movement, the big blue cans are everywhere. Out of all the times I've ever attempted to recycle, only now has it adhered to my routine.

Call me crazy but I do believe that this "Self-Isolation" has made me more attentive to my home and my environment. I guess when you're in the house more often, you start to place more intention into how it looks, feels and how to make it more functional. Funny enough, it was as simple as adding another trash can next to the main one.

We do drink bottled water and it's better to recycle the bottles and much easier to toss them into the white garbage can rather than the red one. Especially because it lessens the amount of trash and the amount of times the trash needs to be emptied (which is often because Im cooking more meals per day).

After a month of placing my bottles in the trash, Indigo now does it without direction. I guess it is true that they do as you do, Not as you say. In honor of caring for our home and the earth that we live in, I've created an easy and free recycling printable for you to use in your home. It can easily be adhered to a cheap trash can or box so that the children can have a visual for reducing their waste.


This quarantine has given us the perfect opportunity to Spring Clean. Just like Granny use to do. She used to pull the curtains down, wash and hang them on the line, move the furniture to vacuum and shampoo the carpet. From washing baseboards to dusting crown molding and washing windows. Spring break was more than just a week from school, it was an entire week of cleaning, purging the old to make room for the new.

I've upheld this tradition and extended it! A week is never enough time in my opinion and since we have no where else to go, it makes more sense to do a little bit a day. So far, I've purged my clothes. From things that are outdated, dingy, too small or that isn't my style any more. As a woman who was used to fashion and trends, these days I've taken a more utilitarian, minimalist approach to my wardrobe (Thanks Mama Jessica). Im home majority of the time and when Im out Im with children and babies and postpartum moms. My wardrobe has to reflect that, which is my job. I was going to purchase a new wardrobe but since I have no where to go, leggings and t-shirts will do.

Next on my list is purging my file cabinet and old toys. I think it's a really good idea to allow Indigo to help me choose toys that are less loved for other children to play with. I think it would be even greater for all of us in the tribe to have a toy swap. This way the kids get "New to Me" toys to play with, without us needing to purchase them.

Im also making it an intention to finish up projects. I have a lot of scrapbooking to do, a lot of unfinished sewing projects and a lot of pictures to add to the photo albums. What's a better time than now. I literally have nothing else to do but condense and complete.


Midday baths, home pedicures, hair steams, late night yoga have been a theme in my house. Im a person who is driven by production and thanks to Mama Nika (who stays on me about taking care of my self), Ive been intentionally setting aside time for self.

Not only am I feeling rejuvenated, but Im teaching Indigo through my actions that it is necessary and normal to do something nice for yourself, when your FEEL it. Don't wait until your work is done, do it, right now. It may make your day less frustrating.

I encourage you all to use this time to care for YOU. The better you are, the better everyone and everything else will be.

Feel free to use some of these tips and ideas to improve your time in self-isolation and don't forget to download your free Recycling Printables!

~Mama Kaiya

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