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Mama Tayo's Family


I am Tayo Oyafemi Mbande. Mama of 3 and wife to a radical Black revolutionary educator, activist and community organizer. (Just imagine our typical dinner conversations)


We are a family of 5 living on the Southside of Chicago in the beautiful Washington Heights neighborhood. My oldest child is Yahya-Ayan, a 4 year old doula, singer, midwife, dancer, chef. (All self proclaimed). Our middle kiddo is Kamalu-Ime, a 2 year old thunderstorm. He is as mighty as his name calls him to be and the biggest laughfest you've ever known. And our youngest Abiona-Oyesanya is 9 months and was born at home surrounded by my tribe sisters and brings us all the love and sweet feelings we could ever imagine.


There were many things I dreamt about when I knew I was going to be a mom, and sending my children away from home for structured learning was never one of them. After keeping my oldest home from birth until 2 years old, my husband and I made the difficult choice to enroll her into a private preschool. She attended for 6 months and though the school was amazing, we knew that we wanted our children to continue their learning primarily at home. In April of 2018 I made my final choice to homeschool all of our children from there forward.


As a busy mama, business owner, grad student and family gal, I have learned that learning at home can look many ways and I strive everyday to make our homeschooling experience as practical as possible. I am only one of the many 'teachers' my children will have throughout their lives and I give myself grace to be flexible and a whole lot of kudos because homeschooling while balancing a full life ain't easy, but absolutely worth it!

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