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Mama Megan's Family


I’m Megan Michiko a.k.a Mama Megan! I have been called the Resource QUEEN, skilled gardener, artist, yoni specialist, natural researcher, and Allergy Mom! I live a clean and holistic lifestyle with my four children and partner. The oldest, my bonus son, Javier Jr.(16) attends traditional high school and Isabella(2), Camila(4), and Xavier(6) have enjoyed a combination of schooling from classical, Spanish

immersion,free schooling, and unschooling. I try and meet myself and my children’s needs based upon what’s going on in all of our lives and their interests.


I am a birth worker at heart and my roots in birth work start in Chicago and Northwest Indiana. I’ve currently lived in my hometown in Southern California for almost a year now. Moving a family of six across the country has been one of the biggest transitions of our lives. The Tribe has provided me a strong foundation to teach and mother my children as well as care for myself and meet my own personal

goals. A true Sistarhood that no distance could ever break.


I have been a full time working mom, work from home mom, and stay at home mom. I have adjusted my children’s schooling with the changing seasons of our lives.


The season we are all currently in has blessed me with more time with my them to get back to our homeschooling roots as Spring arrives, my favorite. My teaching style revolves around lessons involving the food and medicine we grow, eat, cook, bake, and store. Teaching my children self care, meditation, breath work, massage, and positive self talk, as I try to make healthy habits for myself is important as well. You can often find us outside or near our garden.


Homeschooling style: Classical x freeschooling

Favorite Activity: Laying in the sun High AF

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